The Livistona Rotundifolia (Latin name) is a palm which originally comes from Australia. There the palm grows under other trees, so it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Now the palm is found in tropical countries such as Sri Lanka.

Its name probably comes from the Baron Livistone, who had a botanical garden in Edinburgh (Scotland) around 1670.


The Livistona needs plenty of light, but should not be placed in direct sunlight, which can cause the leaves to burn. The best position is half shaded.

The Livistona is a perfect plant for the workplace, as it removes harmful chemicals from the air, helping with various health problems, such as eye irritation, headaches and fatigue.

Water and feed

It is important that the Livistona has moist soil. This plant comes from a humid region. It is therefore advisable to give plants near radiators more water.

You can use a plant sprayer. Use rainwater or distilled water to avoid limescale patches forming on the leaves.

The best temperature for a Livistona is 18 degrees centigrade. Above 25 degrees it will need extra water.

Give the Livistona plant feed about once a month.